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Lapsus Calami: July 1, 2014

July 1, 2014


THE tallest building in Western Visayas is now open.

Many people are surprised with how well done and how nice the rooms are.

We are sure it will slowly be discovered by many hotel guests coming to Iloilo City, and will make them keep coming back.

Injap Tower will be the top hotel choice in the city not only because of its prime location and great rooms, but also because of its restaurant at the 21st Floor which has a magnificent view of Iloilo City’s skyline, plus its authentic Singaporean Chicken Rice and Coffee.


LIKE our Almighty God having ubiquitous presence anywhere and at all times, President Noy knew that for so long Iloilo City has been suffering from acute water crisis.

President Noy visited Iloilo City on June 27 to inaugurate multibillion-peso road projects and the city’s esplanade.

According to our Mayor Jed Patrick Mabilog, after lunch with local officials the President went to the comfort room to wash his hands.

When the President returned to the table, he “reminded me (Mayor Jed) that the city has a water problem and that he wanted to help.”

In their talk, the mayor asked the President if it’s possible that water be distributed not by the Metro Iloilo Water District but by the city government.

PNoy, however, did not assure him that such proposal will be approved immediately as there are legal steps or processes to undertake.

Whether it was really the President who reminded the mayor about the city’s pestering water problem – as what the mayor wants us to believe – we just take his story with a grain of salt.

One of Panay News’ readers emailed us:

“Lapsus, please tell the mayor to tell his story to the marines.”


IF we agree with Mayor Jed, it should be the city government that should distribute water to city residents, not anymore the Metro Iloilo Water District (MIWD).

The mayor argued that since MIWD is lousy, incompetent and not capable of distributing water to all consumers, the city government is bound to do the distribution to protect public welfare and interest.

Problem is, as we already know it, public service is always politically-motivated. Give the job to the government and we will experience more problems due to unmitigated graft and corruption.

Being vindictive in his nature, the mayor might not give water to his opponents.

Take the Iloilo Press Club as example. All the papers have been complied with and we already paid some departments’ licenses. But since his former opponent, Rommel Ynion was the one who donated the building, the mayor refused and continues to refuse to issue a building permit.

What fault did this building commit against the mighty mayor who is not a lover of press freedom?

“The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars but in us that we are underlings.” – Julius Caesar, Shakespeare


DURING the town fiesta of Barotac Viejo on Sunday, former Iloilo governor Niel D. Tupas Sr., made a special announcement.

He said Cong. Jun-jun, his favorite son, has the power to anoint his successor in the 5th District of Iloilo.

“Whoever he anoints, that is it,” Nong Niel emphasized.

In other words, and as clear as the bright day, Cong. Jun-jun’s wife, Inday Angeli will be the candidate for congresswoman this 2016 elections.

A lawyer like her husband, Inday Angeli would represent the district – that is, if she wins.

Vice Gov. Boboy, who is insistent and so interested to run for the position, perhaps has a reason for leaving his father’s family house. He knew before hand that he is not the heir apparent to the throne, so to speak.

Dissatisfied and worried, he might be constrained to follow the dictate of his long nourished ambition to be a part of the legislative department.

Boboy’s siblings, including their only sister, Inday Tweety, want Boboy to take over their congressman brother’s position in the forthcoming political exercise.

But in the presence of all mayors, vice mayors and barangay officials of the 5th District, including Gov. Arthur Defensor Sr., Nong Niel’s pronouncement marked the start of family rupture; and henceforth the 5th District will be an interesting subject for political observers and students of political science.

With this new development, it is possible that former congressman Rolex Suplico’s plan to return to the political ring gets a shot in the arm.


AFTER our previous items here on the alleged shenanigans at the Bureau of Immigration in Iloilo City, we have been receiving reactions through text messages and emails.

They said, like other government offices, the Bureau is a fertile breeding ground of graft and corruption.

“Foreigners having problems with their stay in the country are being victimized. They have no other choice but surrender to the demands of immigration personnel; otherwise, they would be deported and/or penalized, or suffer whatever adverse consequences,” one of the text senders said.

“Chief Bienvenido Regala is always out of the office with Chinese, Koreans or other foreigners. And he is always going home.” – 0906395132*

A graft-ridden office, the Bureau of Immigration is one of the most corrupt government agencies in Western Visayas, our source said.

We will forward to the Office of the President these messages and emails for proper action.

The scalawags should be given a good lesson.


THE Iloilo 2nd Engineering District is under District Engineer Nilo Gavia.

His area of coverage is the 3rd and 4th Districts of Iloilo.

A contractor who asked for anonymity said the amount of tongpats or “SOP” in this engineering district is too much already – which is unconscionable.

“Spending 20 to 30 percent from the contract price of a project is quite unbearable for contractors of public works projects,” he said.

He is correct.

After deducting the 30 percent tongpats, plus another, say 20 percent profit for contractors, what is actually left for the project is only 50 percent.

The reason why government projects are substandard is because only 50 percent of the total cost of projects is actually used for implementation.

We appeal to government officials and personnel to please refrain from this larcenous and/or thieving practice.

Is this right, Maintenance chief Gerardo Parra?

Say mo, D.A. Cecil?

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