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Lapsus Calami: August 1, 2014

August 1, 2014

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KNOWN for idle talk, Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV hogged the headlines when he said there is an ongoing surreptitious military movement for a coup d’etat to overthrow the duly constituted government under the leadership of President Noy Aquino.

According to him, his sources were retired military officers who, after playing golf, engaged in empty talks over cups of coffee.

Trillanes was imprisoned during former President GMA’s time when he rallied his fellow soldiers to join him in rebellion so that he could take over as head of a military government and satisfy his personal messianic complex.

A mediocre, he has never authored a sensible measure in the Senate which could be considered a product of a thinking mind.

His colleagues don’t take him seriously whenever he opens his mouth.

People in the military are already tired of coup d’etat talks or any destabilizing movements as they are not supported by the public.

They know that any military takeover will bring untold sufferings to the people like what happened during martial law.

History is replete with lessons that a military takeover not supported by the people will not succeed.

Trillanes’ claim of a coup plot is gossip. He thought that by spreading this rumor he could get media mileage for his useless presidential ambition. But he knows it is only a byproduct of his wild hallucination.

Please don’t believe him.


PARTY-LIST representative Neri Colmenares walked out during PNoy’s State of the Nation Address because, according to him, he knew beforehand that the President would tell lies.

He said PNoy did not address the real problems confronting the nation, particularly poverty, graft and corruption, peace and order and other social ills demonizing the nation as a whole.

While we agree with him, as a gentleman and member of the august body, he should not have dramatized his disgust by walking out of the session hall.

By doing so, he committed a social blunder.

How we wish that someday Rep. Colmenares would become president so that he would solve all ills, all wickedness and inequities confronting us – including how he would be able to make this country a paradise where everybody would eat salubrious food and drink fine wines, and there would be “exquisite delight in abundance of peace” as what Bible has prophesied.


MAYOR Vincent Flores of Oton, Iloilo is a young, dynamic and hardworking official whose dream to make his town progressive is a shot in the arm for his constituents, investors/businessmen.

On the drawing board, a big area in a municipal-owned land will house the government center where all agencies will be located.

The objective is to expand the economic layers of growth so as to attract more investors and businessmen.

The only main passage to southern Iloilo towns and province of Antique, Oton is a strategic municipality that is juxtaposed to the city.

Inasmuch as investors/businessmen find Iloilo City quite expensive in terms of taxes, permits and other lengthy bureaucratic red tape as obstacles, many have transferred to Oton and nearby towns of Pavia and Leganes.

The present economic designs being envisioned by Mayor Flores are indeed gospel to the business sector and prospective property buyers and developers.

Our high esteem and best wishes to the mayor.


THE Office of the Special Prosecutor is reportedly readying a motion to suspend Bacolod City’s Mayor Monico Puentevella who is facing graft charges before the Sandiganbayan.

According to our Manila-Ombudsman source, it would not take too long for the motion to be filed with the graft court.

We were told that somebody influential is following up the case against the handsome and singing mayor.

Is it you, Cong. Bing?

For the meantime, the Supreme Court has directed the Ombudsman to file its answer to the appeal of the mayor to consider his petition for determination of probable cause and to dismiss the case for lack of merit.

But legal experts said the Supreme Court will ultimately dismiss the petition and remand the case to the Sandiganbayan for trial.

When that happens, the good mayor will no longer enjoy singing in social occasions.

We hope he will be able to survive the onslaught of problems confronting his colorful life.


THE police director of Iloilo has already identified two drug lords in Iloilo City and their respective pushers.

But without naming names, he only identified them as “Dragon” and “Buang”.

These names are mere descriptions and do not specifically point to real persons.

Moreover, if, indeed, the good police officer referred to what many have suspected, such suspicion has no basis and cannot stand legal scrutiny.

After all, and unless proven beyond reasonable doubt, they might be innocent of the charges, which is unfair.

We hope the dynamic and hardworking police officer will courageously come out in the open and name the specific persons.


BRIGADIER General Arnold Quiapo of the Philippine Army considered the gossip of Sen. Antonio Trillanes a big joke or kwentong barbero.

Men in uniform do not think the senator is capable of serious talk.

One of his colleagues in the Senate finds the guy a rumormonger.

Quiapo said the Army has “100 percent loyalty” to the President.


ACCORDING to Dr. Danilo Encarnacion, chairman of the Metro Iloilo Water District, the P150-million approved loan from the Development Bank of the Philippines will be used to improve their water facilities in time for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit next year.

The plan is good and that is what the people are waiting for.

Against the pessimistic views of many doubtful Thomases, we hope the amount will really go to the project and not to the pockets of thieves.

Who are these thieves?

Former Undersecretary Larry knows who they are.

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