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Lapsus Calami: April 1, 2015

April 1, 2015


CRISOSTOMO Aquino, owner of West Cove Resort in Sitio Balinghay, Barangay Yapak, Boracay Island, boastfully told Ted Failon of ABS-CBN that in “Boracay we build before we ask permission.” As if he is a king or emperor and above the law.

No wonder, he continues the operation of his hotel even after it was closed by the Malay municipal government due to violation of environmental laws.

This guy should be taught a lesson.

Who is this Crisostomo Aquino?

Is he related to PNoy? Or to actress Kris?

If I were Mayor John Yap, his hotel would be pulverized pronto!

Does he have the temerity to violate the law with impunity because he corrupted with sums of money the municipal officials of Malay?

Is this true, Mayor Yap?



MAYOR Edgar Peralta of New Washington, Aklan has been gnashing his teeth in anger and jealousy over Engr. Jonathan Salvador, owner of Metallica Marine Consultancy and Fabrication Services.

He initially filed several charges with the Provincial Prosecutor’s Office in Kalibo against Salvador.

Our own understanding of the Resolutions of the investigating prosecutor showed legal deficiencies to support the findings of guilt and existence of probable cause.

That is why Regional State Prosecutor Domingo J. Laurea Jr. – in his Review dated Oct. 30, 2014 on the alleged violation of sections 13 and 301 of the National Building Code against Jonathan Salvador – reversed and set aside the Information.

Likewise, Laurea reversed and set aside on Nov. 27, 2014 the investigating prosecutor’s Information finding probable cause against Salvador for violation of Article 1, sections 6, 8 and 10 of Municipal Ordinance N0-2008, filed by Mayor Peralta.

The Regional State Prosecutor also reversed and set aside the Aklan Provincial Prosecutor’s fining of probable cause for perjury against Salvador on Feb. 27, 2015.

In other words, all the cases Peralta filed against his enemy have been dismissed.

Why is the mayor so hot against Salvador?

It is because of the Ombudsman charges filed by Salvador against Mayor Peralta for illegal quarrying of sand and gravel at the New Washington beach and shoreline.

The mayor’s bulldozer and heavy equipment were caught in flagrante delicto extracting sand and gravel on the beach and stockpiling it right in the property of the mayor.

That is the synopsis of the long feud between two blood relatives.



MANY do not know that the province of Antique has produced distinguished lawyers who topped the Bar exams. They are:

* the late Justice Calixto Zaldivar – No. 3
* Vicente Acsay – No. 1
* retired Sandiganbayan Justice Ricardo Ilarde – No. 3
* Eduardo Aguillon – No. 9
* Irene Mae Alcobilla – No. 1.

These legal luminaries are quintessential Antiqueños.



THERE are many unreported stories – but interesting and full of lessons – about the life of Charles Hodges.

The American national lived for a long time in Iloilo City until his death.

He voraciously hoarded hundreds of millions of cash and acquired properties and assets through the usurious activity of lending money.

He came to Iloilo as a member of the US Army contingent. After the war in 1945, he initially sold used boots and second-hand vehicles of the US army.

Starting with a few pesos, he was able to earn so much and later on engaged in lending money at high interest rates. He acquired vast tracts of land and passenger jeeps through deceitful means such as asking borrowers to sell their properties to him before allowing them to borrow money from him.

In Ilonggo, he was a segurista.

Because he was a close-fisted fellow, he and his wife limited their food expenses – at least not more than 10 centavos a day.

He was convicted by the Supreme Court for the crime of usury and jailed for 30 days in the old Iloilo Provincial Jail.

While in jail, he suffered stomach ache. He refused to buy medicine that only cost a few centavos at that time. If not for his clerk who used his own money and bought medicine for him, the miser could have died in jail due to dysentery.

Hodges owned lands not only in Iloilo but also in other places like Antique, Capiz, Aklan, Negros, and Manila.

When he died on Dec. 25, 1962, it took years for his people to list all his assets and cash deposits in banks, including those in the US.

Until now, many of his assets are still subject to partition by his heirs who are in Oklahoma, USA.

What is very deplorable is the fact that he never brought with him even a centavo of his hundreds of millions of money to his grave – and not even a few square meters of his lands.



1) REGIONAL Trial Court Judge Rene Hortillo, a voracious and discerning reader, has the admirable habit of reading anything. This kind of mental exercise keeps him mentally and physically alert and strong despite the stressful job as member of the Bench. We hope we could follow his worthy trait.

2) ATTY. EDGAR Gil is already 81 years old. But he looks 10 years younger and still physically strong. However, he does not want to share his secret to youthfulness.

3) REGIONAL Trial Court Judge Rita Bascos-Sarabia, one the top Bar examinees, “could have been No. 1 in the Bar exams had she not questioned the question in Political Law.” This is the comment of the Supreme Court.

Husband Rene “dies-dies” happy.

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