• JOSELITO VILLASIS/PN - ‘BAROTO RACE.’ With all their might, participants of a boat rowing competition paddle like there’s no tomorrow at Iloilo City’s Iloilo River. The contest aims to showcase the revival of this once polluted body of water which is actually an “arm of the sea” or estuary.

  • JOSELITO VILLASIS/PN - An Ati begs for alms in La Paz, Iloilo City. There are many like him across the city these days. Local authorities seem not to mind them despite a city ordinance prohibiting mendicancy. Under City Regulation Ordinance 2002-400, those caught begging are liable to a fine of P500, imprisonment of not more than a year, or both fine and imprisonment at the court’s discretion. Giving to beggars is also punishable by a fine of P500 or community service.

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