• While others pray for rain, this resident of Barangay Calumpang, Iloilo City is not. She’s drying clothes. An on-call labandera, she says she will iron these clothes when they’re dry and give them back to her customers. Bad weather means no income for her. GUIJO DUEÑAS/PN

  • Youngsters protest against the K-12 Basic Education Program at Plazoleta Gay, Iloilo City on May 26, 2015. They believe it will only increase joblessness, depress wages and reinforce labor export. Graduates of K-12 as young as 18 will be sent abroad for skilled labor export, they claim. PHOTO COURTESY OF KABATAAN PARTY-LIST PANAY, ANAKBAYAN-PANAY


    A man checks this hanging bridge in Barangay Talungadian, Santa Barbara, Iloilo. Yes, he says, the bridge is still passable, and the villagers have nothing to worry. GUIJO DUEÑAS/PN





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