• JOSELITO VILLASIS/PN - Mayor Jed Patrick Mabilog of Iloilo City shares a light moment with this year’s batch of boys and girls city officials at city hall. For five days, the youngsters will be exposed to the workings of public office.

  • JOSELITO VILLASIS/PN - ‘DAMA’ MASTERS. Men play dama, the so-called poor man’s chess, by the roadside in downtown Iloilo City. Popular across the Philippines, it is a game of wits and strategy as two opposing players try to move their dama pieces (or pitsa) across a wooden board that is somewhat similar to a chessboard. Enthusiasts often make their own board and pitsa. Bamboo, bottle caps and stones can be used as pitsa. This explains why the game is popular. It can be played anytime, anywhere.

  • JOSELITO VILLASIS/PN - Students taking maritime courses in various schools parade around Iloilo City to mark the start of the Maritime Week celebration. Maritime courses are popular among tertiary education students because these promise big pay when they finally get to work after graduation.

  • GUIJO DUEÑAS/PN - CHRISTMAS IS IN THE AIR, and these children are excited. In La Paz, Iloilo City some enterprising residents have started selling Christmas lanterns.

  • DOL FAJARDO/PN - This is Aling Aura Gumban of Pavia, Iloilo. At the public market, she is checking fresh vegetables, specifically these batuan. She says buyers are complaining that the batuan are too costly at P200 a kilo. With the prohibitive price, she says, consumers prefer using the much cheaper but synthetic “sinigang mix.” Batuan is a souring agent used in soups, stews, etc.

  • Bacolod City PIO PHOTO - Mayor Monico Puentevella poses during the opening ceremony of the 17th Asian Games in Incheon, South Korea on Sept. 21.

  • Bacolod City PIO PHOTO - (From left) Museo Diocesano director Sandy Solinap, Bella Galang, city’s first lady Josefa Puentevella, Department of Education Division of Bacolod City superintendents Gemma Ledesma and Dizon Ramos, and Raymond Bayot in the opening of the 7th annual Christmas Fantasy Exhibit on Sept. 19

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