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White Vote Movement

ON May 13, 2013, we will have the interim elections to choose our local officials and 12 senators in the national level to replace those whose terms are expiring.

For the first time in history, we have a White Vote Movement composed of various religious organizations hard at work to get the Catholics to vote for senatorial candidates who can help in the mission to preserve and protect life and the Filipino family. This is an offshoot of having lost the battle to stop the passage of the Reproductive Health (RH) Bill.

There has been no Catholic vote in this country, nor is there one in Congress even if most of our legislators claim to be Catholics.

Even within the family, members sometimes cannot agree whom to vote. It is funny, but families in one household would end up voting for opposing candidates because of pakikisama or utang na loob which is a common trait among Filipinos.

Perhaps, the passage of the RH Bill is providential to awaken all Catholics to stand by their faith and prove once and for all that there is a living God that will help them in this hour of need to unite.

We have previously written on the subject of family unity. It is imbibing in ourselves the democratic principle of majority rule to achieve unity which is essential to our progress as a nation. This is especially applicable when we have an election or when there are public issues like the RH Bill.

First, the family should form a Unity Family Council (UFC), with the father as chairman, the mother as vice chair, and all the children of age becoming members. In case both parents are absent, the headship shall go to the children according to age.

Meeting of the UFC shall be called where the views of everyone will be solicited for the council to listen. After open discussion of the merits or demerits of the candidates or of any public issue brought before it, a vote is taken of the members. Whatever is decided by the majority in the family will now become the vote or stand of ALL.

If family members cannot be physically present in one place to meet for this purpose, voting or making decision maybe made by using any available means of communication like by post, telephone, text messaging, e-mail, video camera, etc.

We believe we can apply the UFC principle above to the White Vote Movement. What it can do is gather together all the members of the movement by area or chapters before election day and recommend the names of the candidates to be supported by the movement.

The candidates chosen by the area or chapter by majority vote in the gathering shall be the candidate to be voted as ONE by all, seeing to it that only those supportive of the cause of the movement shall be included in the process. This procedure shall be replicated in all areas or chapters of the movement in the whole country.

Unless the Catholic group succeeds in making a difference in this election by their united vote, we are afraid nothing else will matter for them in future elections. (For comments or reactions, please e-mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )/PN